Elevate Your Hair Care Routine at Home: Essential Tips for Gorgeous Hair Extensions

The longevity of a human hair wig lies somewhere between 1 to 3 years. If you know to take care of your hair wig you will keep it on longevity. If not, the natural hair wig will be damaged and hopeless. 

1. Why is your hair wig damaged?

  • Improper washing of hair: After a period of use, you need to wash your hair wig or it will be dry and hard. But you need to know how to wash your hair wig the right way as the human hair wig is damaged easily. 

  • Brush the hair too severely: We are often very hasty and impatient in untangling our hair. That’s what makes your hair damaged. And the hair wig also bears a lot of damage if you brush too severely.
  • After using, no hair conditioner: The key mind in using a hair wig is that you should often use a hair conditioner. The conditioner helps your hair wig maintain moisture and hairlines for a soft and smooth hair wig. Concurrently increase elasticity, shine for natural hair.

2. How to take care of a hair wig at home

2.1. Shampoo and condition your human hair wig

Step 1: The first step of how to wash a full wig is to gently flip the hair from the inside to the outside to make washing the hair easier.

Step 2: Next we use shampoo, conditioner for hair.

  • Prepare some clean water in the basin,
  • Take shampoo into the basin to dissolve foam,
  • Put your hair in a basin and you can use a comb or your hand to stroke it in the direction of the hair (do not rub it hard, it will quickly damage the weak hair follicles and make the hair damaged quickly – can be soaked for a few minutes).
  • After soaking, rinse with cold water, you can use warm water (don’t use too hot water, it will make your hair frizzy).
  • Continue to take a sufficient amount of conditioner, put in a basin of diluted water. Soak your hair in the same way with shampoo and then rinse with water.
  • Take out your human hair and use a soft towel to dry it and put it on the hair hanger,
  • Spreading into the form and letting it dry naturally is best for the hair.

Step 3: Spray a little more hair conditioner

Wait until your hair is 80-85% dry, then you should use more hair conditioner spray, then let your hair dry completely, you have a new set of hair.

2.2. Brush your human hair 

In case of tangled hair, you should divide it into curls, use conditioner hairspray to spray the messy hair for a few minutes and we use a wide-tooth comb to gradually comb it out. You should be patient and comb carefully or your hair will be dry and damaged

3. How to prevent damaged hair?

  • Follow the right steps to take care of your hair wig

In part 2, there are simple steps to take care of your human hair wig at home. Real hair is also like your own hair so it has to be looked after carefully. Therefore, virgin hair care also needs to be done fully and regularly to keep the human hair the most natural and soft.

  • Consider a high-quality hair wig 

There are many people who still hesitate with choosing a cheap synthetic hair wig or choosing a quality hair wig to use. However, investing in a high-quality hair wig will not let you down as your human hair will last longer than synthetic if you do the right steps to take care of your hair wig

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