Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory: Your One-Stop Solution For High-Quality Hair Wig Products

Nowadays, there are the low-quality hair wig products mixed in the high-quality hair wig. Therefore, consumers need to be alert to choose natural hair and quality hair wig products. And Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory is your one-stop solution for this high-quality hair wig products.  

Who is Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory?

Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory was established in 2012 and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of hair wig productions with items such as curly hair, donor hair (virgin hair, raw hair) and remy hair,… The goal of the factory is to become the leading hair supplier in the world with natural and high-quality hair. We commit that the products are totally real hair, Vietnamese human hair and natural hair. 

Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory has a large scale with more than 100 employees and nearly 500 workers at the factory. With the motto of creating high-quality hair wig products, the employees of the factory all have a lot of experience and good skills to finish natural hair products and the best quality hair. 

Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory provided hair wig products to many markets in the world. Thanks to the high-quality of the hair wig, the factory is trusted and chosen by many customers from Nigeria and other countries. The reputation of the factory is expressed through the quality hair wigs and best services. 

Why should you choose Siuki Hair? 

1. The quality of Hair wig

Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory ensures to provide the best quality hair wig products. This hair wig product is 100% human hair, no synthetic and can be styled in any way you want. Hair wigs made from human hair look and feel realistics. They can be colored, curled, straightened like your own hair. It’s awesome to have a hair wig that can change many different hairstyles without worrying about hair being frizzy, broken, damaged like when styling on your own hair.

A quality hair wig has a lifespan of a few years, longer than the lifespan of any other poor-quality wig. So it’s not a waste to invest in a high-quality wig. That helps you get the best out of your smooth and silky hair while also saving you money in the long run.

2. Variety of hair wig products

2.1. Quality: 

Siuki Hair provides natural and human hair wigs classified clearly to help customers to choose easily according to the quality of the product. 

  • Remy hair: This hair is also made of real hair but collected from a lot of people. It is collected in a manner to ensure the natural cuticle on the hair shaft is all flowing in the same direction from root to tip. Remy hair strands are gathered and kept in bundles throughout the wig construction. Because of this, Remy hair has a smoother and shinier (natural sheen, that is) appearance.

  • Donor hair: These are super high-quality hair wig products. Different from Remy hair, Donor hair is made of real hair from one person. So it has even hair and uniform color even if it is dyed. When it comes to high-quality hair wigs, nothing beats donor hair. 

  • Curly wave: If your style is glamorous and individual, you can also try curly wave. There are styles likewise loose curls, tightly coiled, giant curls helping you increase your choice for your perfect look. 

  • Bone straight: Bone straight is a type of raw hair, it’s straight and firm hair that is thin and sleek. Straight hair helps you look more elegant and attractive.

2.2. Thickness: 

Similar to quality classification, Siuki Hair also classifies the thickness of hair wigs. Consequently you can sort a hair wig product with suitable thickness fitting your hobby. 

  • Super: This hair wig has an even thickness and is heavy. Thanks to that, it looks and feels very smooth, silky and shiny. One can say that you look pretty and like a model when you use this hair wig. Besides, It has a maximum length of 26 inches. 
  • Double: This hair wig has a lot of thickness at the top and thins towards the end. As a result, you can easily and quickly style this hair wig like perming or relaxing and still keep it soft. 
  • Single: This hair wig will be thinner than above two, it will be suitable for you having a small face. 

2.3. Color:

Hair wig products of Siuki Hair have a lot of color to choose from. Human hair is dyed according to trending and easy-using color to help you have many different hairstyles of layout and feel free to change the color you like.

  • Dark colors: This is natural colored hair, closest to the color of real hair. Dark colors help your hair wig look like your own hair. 
  • Colored hair: If your style is breakthrough and innovative you can try more diverse colored hair such as blue, red, green, highlight.
  • Ombre hair: You can also make a difference when you experience this hair color. It is mixed between two separate colors and also is very popular.

2.4. Length:

Hair wig products of Siuki Hair have 12 different lengths including from 8 to 30 inches. There are 8″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24″ 26″ 28″ 30″. Depending on the lengths the price is different. 

3. The best service

  • Customer service: Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory has a team of professional and enthusiastic sales staff who are always ready to clearly consult hair wig products to customers. Therefore, please rest assured to buy at Siuki Hair. 
  • Packing service: Hair wig products are carefully packed, classified according to the detailed commodities. You don’t have to worry about the product being under-packaged or underweight.
  • Product policy: If the hair wig products you receive are of the wrong commodity or quality not as described, Siuki Hair is ready to exchange or repair the product for you.
  • Shipping service: With the goal of fast – convenient – cheap, Siuki Hair has diversified the shipping methods for its hair wig products such as air shipping, sea shipping and courier shipping. 
  • Payment service: In order to make international payments convenient and fast for both parties, Siuki Hair has applied many suitable payment methods for customers to choose from.

4. Affordable price

One of the reasons you should choose Siuki Hair is its affordable price. Siuki Hair has researched and optimized the costs for the production stages so that the final hair wig product has the best price for customers. There is nothing better than when you both own a Vietnamese hair wig and save quite a bit of money for yourself.


“Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory is my familiar hair wig supplier since 2022. My clients give good feedback about high-quality hair wig products from Siuki Hair. I feel lucky that I came to know this hair supplier.”Mr. Junior 

“I changed a lot of my human hair suppliers because they couldn’t accommodate my high-quality hair demand. Until I partied with Siuki Hair Vietnam Factory, I was really satisfied. They offered good services and affordable price for human hair products.”Mrs. Grace

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