Reveal The Secrets to Discriminate Asian Human Hair: Difference between Vietnamese Hair and Chinese Hair

Many human hair suppliers appear around the world with different quality and hairstyles that conform to each customer’s demand. There are some signals showing differences between human hair kinds of hair suppliers. So the following post reveals the secrets to discriminating between Vietnamese Hair and Chinese Hair, both leading Asian human hair suppliers.

  1. What are the Differences between Vietnamese human hair and Chinese human hair?

1.1. Human Hair Source of Vietnamese Suppliers and Chinese Suppliers

  • Chinese hair: It is a fact that Chinese hair on the market is also synthesized from imported hair from other countries such as Cambodia or India. Therefore, Chinese hair products will be hard to get 100% genuine and it is difficult to know whether Chinese human hair or just Cambodian hair and Indian hair are produced in Chinese factories. 
  • Vietnamese hair: Certainly Vietnamese hair has the same human hair sources from Vietnamese women’s hair. That guarantee hairs have the same quality and even shine and color coverage. Besides, Vietnamese women attach much importance to taking care of their hair. Therefore, the quality of Vietnamese virgin hair is always appreciated the best.

1.2. The Availability of Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair in Stock

  • Chinese hair: It is known that China is the world’s factory, so with the advantage of professional industrial human hair chain production, China can satisfy many supply demands simultaneously in the market. Thanks to there being a large amount of virgin hair in storage. But there are still shortcomings such as a long time storing affects the quality of natural hair

  • Vietnamese hair: Vietnamese hair factories have the leading aim of producing high-quality human hair, unlike China, which focuses on quantity. Human hair is produced at Vietnamese factories, and has the most ideal silky, shiny, moist from 100% best newest fresh materials. With handcrafted hair production, Vietnamese hair factories constantly update the new materials, rather than keeping them in stock for a long time.

1.3. The Quality of Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair

The origin of the hair also plays a significant role in determining its quality, and this is where Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair differ. Chinese hair is typically made from Indian hair, which can impact its quality due to the nature of the supply. Indian hair is known to be fragile and thin, with a small cuticle, which makes it weaker and more susceptible to damage after multiple processing stages. On the other hand, Vietnamese hair is known for its superior texture that offers natural shine, smoothness, and strength.

1.4 The Price of Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair

Based on the quality and scale of production, it is obvious that Vietnamese hair has a much higher price than Chinese hair. But, bear in mind that quality over price is always the sustainable choice. Please look at the items such as donor hair, remy hair or curly waves of Vietnamese human hair, they all have better quality

  1. Should you choose Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair?

Notwithstanding Vietnamese hair or Chinese hair, you can sort the one suitable to your demand and ability based on the different features of them. The following table help you to clear up your choice: 

  1. Where can you find ideal Vietnamese Human hair Suppliers?

There are many quality human hair suppliers in Vietnam. Each factory has different pros and cons. Depending on your choice and favor, you’ll find out the most appropriate real hair suppliers. Best suggestion on Vietnamese human hair suppliers you can refer: 


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